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Tips for using the above Advanced Search for Southern Arizona & Tucson MLS Listings

When you are searching for the perfect Tucson Area Home, try using some of these hints to make your search easier.

1. Do you want to search a side of the greater Tucson metro that includes multiple towns?

Leave the City selection on (Any) and then select your Area (North, East, Central, Northwest, etc.) Doing this will give you every listing in that Area without excluding specific towns in that Area.

2. Are schools important in the location of your new home?

Select the School district you want and you can even select the specific school. This will allow you to see the listings within that boundary.

3. MLS Search and Address Search

If you already know a properties address or MLS# but you want to see it or save it here. You can easily look it up by clicing the MLS Search feature and entering the MLS# or the Adrress Search and entering the property address.

4. You can select multiple Areas or Communities

To select multiple items, hold down control (command ? on Mac) on your keyboard while clicking.